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Celebration of Creative Inquiry

The Celebration of Creative Inquiry is a campus-wide forum to publicly share the creative inquiry of students from Gustavus. The Celebration will be held on the evening of Friday, May 1 and will feature student poster presentations. Faculty- if you know of students who have carried out projects appropriate for this event, please visit the Kendall Center website.

Definition of Creative Inquiry

The definition of creative inquiry varies by discipline; it includes.....asking a question that has not been asked before, attempting to fill a gap in knowledge, or to create new knowledge, information, art, or expression, a process or product that requires the student to add ideas or imagination of their own, a project that is shaped by choices the student made independently, critical reflection.

Creative inquiry may emerge from...

Creative inquiry may emerge from.....a class assignment or project, off-campus projects or internships, student-faculty collaborative research or creative projects, independent student research or creative projects, the work of extra-curricular student organizations.

Celebration of Creative Inquiry - Poster Design Instructions

Please visit the Kendall Center website for inks and information about making posters. Sample Posters are also available on the Kendall Center website.

Celebration of Creative Inquiry - FAQ's

What exactly is a poster? How do I find a faculty sponsor? Do all authors need to attend the event? Do I need IRB approval for my research? Visit the Kendall Center website for Celebration of Creative Inquiry Frequently asked questions, and information.

Celebration of Creative Inquiry - Submit your Abstract

Participating students must select a faculty sponsor who has worked with them on their project and/or has the expertise to evaluate the project. Each student will submit an abstract or statement; this must be approved by the faculty sponsor before inclusion in the event.

Undergraduate Research Link - CUR

Undergraduate Research resources Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

Presidential, Sabbatical and RSC Grants Due Dates

Presidential Faculty-Student Research Grants due Feb. 16, 2009. Sabbaticals due March 2, 2009 and Research Scholarship and Creativity Grants are due March 16, 2009. Please visit the Kendall Center website for more information.

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