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Teachers Talking

Join Leila Brammer, Alisa Rosethal, and your colleagues from across the disciplines on for a discussion about the meaning of shared governance. How does it affect the academic program, the Gustavus Commission 150 planning process, and the college as a whole? Why is it important? How has it worked and how should it work at Gustavus? What rights and obligations does it carry? Join us at the buffet on Thursday, October 8th, at 11:30 or 12:30 for nourishing food for thought. Free lunch, good conversation.

New Faculty Orientation Session 10/15

The next New Faculty Orientation Session will be held on Thursday, October 15 in the St. Peter Room from 12:30 to 1:20 p.m. Topic will focus on Midterm grades, grading rubrics and methods led by Scott Bur. Three Crowns buffet, then meet in the St. Peter Room.

Teachers Talking Technology - ePortfolio

Are you interested in learning more about the purposes, design, and format of an ePortfolio? If so, please join Joyce Aarsvold and Jeanne Herman on Tuesday, October 20 for a conversation about the ePortfolio designed by majors in Physical Education and Health Education using Google Sites. We will provide opportunities for you to ask any questions you may have. This program runs from 11:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. and again from 12:30 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. Join us for free lunch and good conversations.

New Faculty Orientation Session 10/29

The next New Faculty Orientation Session will be held on Thursday, October 29 in the St. Peter Room from 12:30 to 1:20 p.m. Topic will focus on Keeping students engaged led by Linnea Wren. Three Crowns buffet, then meet in the St. Peter Room.

Faculty Achievements Publication

As we did two years ago, the Kendall Center will be putting together a publication listing faculty achievements for 2008 & 2009. If you want to get started, information, examples, and a form can be found on the Kendall Center website. Please make the editors happy, earn good Karma, and follow the style guide included there.

New Faculty Mentoring Partners Program social

The Kendall Center will be hosting a New Faculty Mentoring Partners Program social for all mentors and mentees. The wine and cheese social will be held on Thursday, November 12 at the International Center Community Room from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Tech News

Keep up with new technology and be inspired to try new tricks by subscribing to the Teachers Talking Technology blog. To date, there have been nearly a dozen informative posts on everything from uploading multiple files to Moodle to Doodle for polling and scheduling. You can set up a feed to be alerted when new posts are added.

Meeting of the minds

Ever wonder what the relationship is between the Faculty Development Committee and the Kendall Center? So do we. This year we'll be discussing the language in the handbook, what our priorities are for faculty development, and where we're headed. Feel free to contact either Barbara Fister or a member of the FDC with questions or ideas.

Web Bonanza!

Did you know that several of our programs have increased the amount of practical and useful information on their Websites? For example, the Writing Program site has a nice selection of resources for faculty, including handouts from the recent Teachers Talking Writing session. The FTS program has information on what elements go into the FTS and sample syllabi. The Writing Center has a wealth of information on writing issues including helping ELL writers. Please click more for links and more information.

The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education

The Kendall Center has recently purchased The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education, by Curtis J. Bonk, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2009. The Kendall Center library collection is in the library and is available to faculty. Please visit the Kendall Center website, under Library Resources, to view the full list.

Seen on the Internet

The Tenured Radical has a lot to say about achieving work/life balance - and so do the 57 or so people who have commented on her blog post. The Daily Princetonian checks in on an experiment in using Kindles for textbooks. So far students aren't too keen. Can We Discuss This? Rob Weir has some advice on how he kindles discussions in the classroom, with or without technology. Click more for for links and further info.

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