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Campus Framework Plan

Table of Contents (abbreviated)


Part 1. Introduction
Part 2. Framework Plan Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives, and Planning Criteria
Part 3. Campus Development Program
Part 4. Recommendations


Part 1. Building Conditions
     II.1.A Campus Planning History
     II.1.B Building Chronology
     II.1.C Building Use
     II.1.D Academic Zones
     II.1.E Classroom Use
     II.1.F Residential Character/Density
     II.1.G Campus Social Space
     II.1.H ADA Status
     II.1.I Building Condition

Part 2. Open Space Conditions
     II.2.A Open Space Network and Amenities
     II.2.B Athletic and Recreation Facilities

Part 3. Circulation Systems
     II.3.A Regional Vehicular Circulation
     II.3.B Campus Roadways
     II.3.C Campus Parking
     II.3.D Pedestrian Circulation

Part 4. Utility Systems
     II.4.A Storm Water and Sanitary Sewer


Part 1. Planning Framework
     III.1.A Regional Issues
     III.1.B Campus Issues
     III.1.C Development Zones

Part 2. Campus Development Options
     III.2.A Campus Development Opportunities
     III.2.B Campus Development Plan A
     III.2.B1 3D Model View, Plan A
     III.2.C Campus Development Plan B
     III.2.C1 3D Model View, Plan B
     III.2.D Campus Development Plan C
     III.2.D1 3D Model View, Plan C
     III.2.E Campus Perimeter Plan
     III.2.E1 Athletic/Recreation Expansion
     III.2.E2 Arboretum Expansion

Part 3. Open Space Development Concepts
     III.3.A South Mall
     III.3.B North Mall
     III.3.C West Mall
     III.3.D Fine Arts Quad
     III.3.E South Residence Halls
     III.3.F Old Main Mall
     III.3.G Three Flags Quad

Part 4. Circulation Design
     III.4.A Campus Roadway Plan
     III.4.B Campus Parking Plan
     III.4.C Pedestrian Circulation Plan

Part 5. Utility and Infrastructure Development

     III.5.A Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer


Section IV. APPENDICES (Not Included)

Part 1. Campus Beautification Planning
    IV.1.A Land Use Opportunities
    IV.1.B Campus Plan 2000+
    IV.1.C Pattern and Meaning on the Ground
    IV.1.C1 Seating
    IV.1.C2 Surface Treatments

Part 2. Campus Architectural Character
    IV.2.A Academic Buildings
    IV.2.A1 Academic Buildings
    IV.2.B Residential Buildings
    IV.2.B1 Residential Buildings
    IV.2.C Public Buildings

Part 3. Campus Facility Space Needs

  1. Department Interviews: Facilities Needs
  2. Summary of Identified Campus Facilities Needs
  3. Space Requirement Projections

Part 4. 2002 Building Condition Analysis

Part 5. Campus Parking Requirements

  1. Parking Requirement Projections
  2. Parking Plan

Part 6. Campus Infrastructure

  1. Utility and Infrastructure Analysis:
    1. Tunnel, Steam and Gas Network
    2. Electricity and Computer Network
    3. Chilled Water and Domestic Water
  2. Utility and Infrastructure Development:
    1. Tunnel, Steam and Gas Network
    2. Electricity and Telecommunications
    3. Chilled Water and Domestic Water

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